One item that sticks out are the vintage Bear Recurve Bows. Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an old store like we ordinarily do and saw this recurve bow in the corner. Since we were already somewhat well-known with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it. It looked to be in perfect condition and came with a quiver and 3 dissimilar sets of arrows. The asking price was 0. Draw Ranger Based on the dating procedures listed below we determined that this was a Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve bow from in perfect condition. It was a 60″ bow with a 44 pull. How To Date Your Fred Bear Bow After we got the bow to our store we noticed that inside the big quiver was a smaller particular quiver.

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Honoring The Bow-hunting Legend, Fred Bear Who would have ever known how entertained and challenged a man could be with just a stick and string? Today, on his birthday, I am honoring a true American legend. Thanks to Fred Bear, the sport of bow hunting is world renowned. He was more than just an archer. He was a sportsman, teacher, entrepreneur, conservationist, outdoor television producer, and much more.

Feb 15,  · dating your fred bear bow There are several features and changes that were made to the bear bows over the years that will help narrow the age of your bow or your potential investment. 1.

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Bow and arrow Clay Hayes drawing a Pacific yew selfbow using the split finger method. Selfbows are made from a single piece of wood. While there is great variety in the construction details of bows both historic and modern , all bows consist of a string attached to elastic limbs that store mechanical energy imparted by the user drawing the string. Bows may be broadly split into two categories: Directly drawn bows may be further divided based upon differences in the method of limb construction, notable examples being self bows , laminated bows and composite bows.

Bows can also be classified by the bow shape of the limbs when unstrung; in contrast to traditional European straight bows, a recurve bow and some types of longbow have tips that curve away from the archer when the bow is unstrung. The cross-section of the limb also varies; the classic longbow is a tall bow with narrow limbs that are D-shaped in cross section, and the flatbow has flat wide limbs that are approximately rectangular in cross-section.

How to Determine What Year a Compound Bow Was Made

Coloration can vary from deep red to light oak. This riser has a stain gloss finish, satin is somewhere between matte and gloss and the finish nicely shows off the grip of the bow without being too reflective and helps to minimize the effects of damp and wear and tear. On the riser are mounting holes for a quiver, and suggested is the Fred Bear Custom Recurve Quiver, it also features a trademark gold penny featuring a bear embedded in the handle and handwritten markings to define the bow draw weight.

The arrow shelf featuring the bearskin arrow rest is cut on or cut to center which whilst this may not be as efficient as a cut-past center shelf, it keeps the original design of the bow intact. The limb tips on this bow are not reinforced so are only designed to take Dacron strings. Traditional bows and certainly the old school Grizzly may give some feedback through the hand vibration that you may not get with other bows but this is all part of the traditional bowshooting experience.

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The riser itself is heavy…real heavy. I knew that it was not as light as my DH Hunter used to be. But some weight is fine for stability. The grip was phenomenally comfortable. The shelf sat right at the top of the grip; the top of your hand simply falls right in line with the target.

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ADR Dacron is an engineering plastic. The name itself is registered by Dupont. Braided Dacron provides great backing in a fishing reel. It virtually never wears out, has minimal stretch, provides greater sensitivity when a fish is on-line, will not degrade, and allows you, as a fisher, to not have to replace monofilament line in great quantities when respooling your reel.

It also serves as a superior bow string material. A lot of these characteristics make it a good choice if you are making your own bow strings. You can use 80 braided Dacron fishing line 14 strands for a 70 recurve bow. There will be a break-in period, but will settle in fine. And it is quiet. It was a good price. I prefer Dacron braid for using on bows because it is readily available from a variety of sources.

Bear kodiak Hunter

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Lots of collector interest in Fred Bear Bows. If in excellent condition maybe a little more. No real added value to someone that wants a hunting bow, and is not purchasing it for the Fred Bear name. There are more used modern compounds out there for cheap that will work better than this one will.

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7 Fred Bear Quotes for Every Hunter to Remember

Who Is It For? Can be used to hunt, target practice or 3D shooting equally well. Package Contents The following items were included in my package, which was ordered online: A key advantage of this design is its low-maintenance and ease of tuning. Draw weight Arrow weight String accessories installed Assuming you use the strongest possible settings on the Bear Legion 70 lbs.

The majority of beginner archers will go for 60 lbs.

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It was his favorite model to use on big game. A 60″ recurve has a nice steady pull and is very accurate. It has a 45 draw weight 28″. I have 17 Fred Bear recurves and this is the best shooting of them all. It is truly a classic. I can honestly say that the new Bear recurves are no match for this classic. Whether you place it in your collection or take it to the field, you will love this bow. There are many features and changes applied by Bear over the years which will help you in determining your bows model year.

Note – A great deal of the credit for the following information is due to Mr. Al has studied Bear Archery for many, many years and is considered by everyone as the King of Information regarding Bear Archery collecting. First, if your bow is all wood, meaning that there is no laminations of any kind, then your bow had to be made before the mass production beginning in

Bear Archery Youth Bows

There is a section of good how-to videos and even an area to share your hunting photos. The comparison chart below lists the most popular recurve bows manufactured by Bear Archery. Our page is constantly updated; including new information and reviews of previously unlisted Bear recurves.

DATING YOUR FRED BEAR BOW. This serial number works very well for dating Bear Bows from when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture. For example, a serial number of 5L would be a Bow.

There is normal wear but appear to be in very good shape. Patriot 64″- in stock for immediate shipping to you. Help dating Bear Kodiak Magnum I only received an invitation because of a close friendship with my Bear rep, and only learned that I would be going an hour before the party was to start as I was taking in the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street with other dealer friends. So in , Bear began flattening the ferrule tip to improve this situation.

Pup konin rejestracja online dating If the riser section of your K-II is very dark, then you have a walnut model. Swift Long Curve, “Comanche”, Buffalo tips. SW Louisiana Hunt In: This list is not updated continuously. Click here to see the most up to date inventory, listed in order by when they were added to the website. Full descriptions and additional pictures can be seen by clicking on the “Click to Buy” link. If you click on the “Click to Buy” button, and the bow sale not show up, dating means that it has been sold.

Flaking in the finish.

How the Fred Bear Recurve Bow is Made Part 1