Between the two pistols, Walther produced the P5, which was basically an updated P. The P88 retained many characteristics of the P. I owned a P88 and, like most owners, was very impressed with its accuracy. However, the P88 was only in production for a few years before being replaced by the P99, which is a substantially different design. The ambidextrous magazine release runs along the bottom of the triggerguard. Users can learn to activate it quickly with their trigger fingers.


Scroll down to see all the Walter P99 Gen 2 holsters were carry So exactly what changes were made between the first and second generation models? The 2nd generation Walther P99 is only available in a 9mm or. The Quick Action trigger is the default trigger on P99 models produced today. A number of 2nd generation P99 variants were later introduced, including: Currently the 2nd generation Walther P99 is only available in 4 versions:

The RAM P99 would be hard to tell from the actual Walther P99, especially when looking down the large caliber barrel. The Blowback action and firm recoil help pull off the believability when shooting this ralistic Paintball Pistol.

You have to hand it to Carly Simon. Read on to discover 21 lines that reflect the pure essence of this legendary lifelong bachelor. Number 21 “Bond… James Bond. No Although these iconic words were first uttered in Dr. No, they have become as intrinsic to Bond films as high-speed car chases and sexual innuendos. Goldfinger Unlike those of us who cower in fear at the slightest hint of danger, James Bond generally becomes wittier as his situation becomes more perilous. This particular quote is delivered after agent manages to escape by savagely electrocuting an assailant.

Number 19 “I think he got the point. Number 18 “A martini. Goldfinger Although agent may laugh in the face of death, one thing he never takes lightly is his drinking. Then again, if your job involved ventilating bad guys with a Walther P99, you might turn to the bottle as well. Here he shows off his remarkable palate by ordering his signature drink.

Walther P99 / P990 – Junk or just not popular?

Enlarge Image Picking up the P99, we were slightly disappointed by its weight which totals g versus the unloaded weight of g for the real-steel version. Then again, g isn’t a whole lot and we could’ve been unimpressed with the real steel as well! Having said that, we were impressed with the solid feel of the gun which feels much like a WA Sigma 40F crossed with a Tanaka Glock 17; the P99’s slide is not as heavy as the Sigma’s and it’s balance is quite similar to Tanaka’s Glock.

The pistol also sports a front rail for mounting of accessories. The P99’s grip is extremely comfortable and is contoured very well for my hand for reference, I wear a medium sized golf glove. Metal parts are quite limited on the P99 and include the disassembly latch, slide release tab, magazine, magazine release lever both sides , decocking switch, and fake striking pin.

3D Walther p99, available formats OBJ, BLEND, MTL, firearm gun handgun military, ready for 3D animation and other 3D projects.

Orders are processed within our standard business days from the date of purchase and shipped out with your selected shipping method chosen at checkout. All accessories and upgrade parts are shipped within their manufacturer’s packaging, to best protect each part during shipping. Upon arrival, the player will need to easily attach their own parts. Please be careful not to void your warranty by opening your gearbox, or damaging any of the accessories, as they are not covered under any warranty.

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21 Pure Bond Lines

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The XS Sights DXT Big Dot are defensive night sights for encounters under any light condition. The Express rear sight features vertical green tritium bar with a highly visible, white outline.

After years of using his agency issued Walther PPK, Q finally has provided a more substantial personal weapon for I’m sure the PPK will be around for quite awhile longer, but when Bond knows he may be in more dangerous situations than usual, the P99 is there for him. As can be seen in the left side view, The MI5 seal is near the front of the slide followed by the P99 and the Walther banner. The importer’s mark, in this case Earl’s Repair Service can also be seen on the lower center of the slide.

Neither Earl nor I like this on the left side. Both of us thought it would be better on the right, as most pistols are displayed left-side-up. This is the only MI5 P99 that is marked in this manner. The rest of the MI5 P99’s are marked on the barrel. This is the only one of its kind and was the very first MI5 P99 in this country. The laser sight mounted to the P99 is the BA-5 manufactured under license from Walther.


This is my first handgun, but not the first I’ve shot. I must say it is absolutely fantastic. The trigger style you pick will depend on your wife’s handgun experience and preference.

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The P99, in my opinion, is a supreme example of high quality German production that will last for decades and even long after we are gone. The company started making pistols in , and started getting a name for itself when their Walther Model 1 Pistols became popular in WW1. In , the ever popular PP Police Pistol model was developed. The PPK was offered in a variety of calibers to include. The company resumed production of the P for the new West German Army in The Walther P99 saw a generation upgrade in , which brought it to the version I am reviewing, with a great many upgrades that improve the comfort of running the pistol.

There are a total of 4 variants of the P99 out there that Walther produces.

Walther P99 / P990 – Junk or just not popular?

Most guns tend to stay the same, unless you go down in size from full to concealed and so on. Don’t feel bad if you have problems with some guns, because there are a lot of others who do too. When it comes to double stacked 9mm, some are ultra thick.

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In production since , it is a six-shot double-action revolver with fixed sights. Some 6, , of the type have been produced over the years, making it the most popular centerfire revolver of the 20th century. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. These included major modification and simplification of the internal lockwork and the addition of a locking underlug on the barrel to engage the previously free-standing ejector rod.

Apr 03,  · This video will give you all the information you need about the AS trigger variant: YouTube – Walther P99 AS Trigger As far as reliability, I trust this firearm with my life, hands down. I know the bullet’s going to go where I want it, when I want it, every time.

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Walther P99 Gen 2

Fair, scratches, scuffs, nicks and wear Testing Results: Untested, due to lack of equipment Shipment by PropertyRoom to any jurisdiction does not mean this item is legal in such jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to have knowledge of, obey, or comply with all applicable laws relating to this item. Untested – Sold as-is This item is untested and may require repair. Item is sold “As Is” and is not returnable.

Jul 16,  · I’ve owned a Walther p99 40 cal for about 15 years, and it’s still holding up great. I have well over 10, rounds through it, so now it’s just a range gun. It’s the first gun my wife shot when we started dating, so I’ll probably keep it forever.

Had this big plan to own a g22c with a bbl for competitions, etc. Just couldn’t fall in love with the ergonomics. Was going to do a grip reduction. Would have been illegal in some competitions, so I passed altogether. Went with the BHP. A year passes and I decide I need a plastic pistol. Tried them all, bought a p I’ve traded out on a free glock certificate love to say Now, looking back, I wonder if I had gone with glock originally, I’d most likely have adapted to it, and learned to shoot it well to my capability.

IMO, you can’t beat the reliability of the glock, you can only try to match it. My p99 has nary a hiccup, but doesn’t have 8 kazillion rounds experience like the glock family. I am a safety officer for action pistol matches, so I see a lot of folks shoot a lot of diff guns. Bout the only think I’ve seen choke a glock was a limp wrist. This IS bad, but isn’t likely to most shooters, none if they are experienced and healthy.

Walther P99: Still A Better Option