Edit Muscle Man tries to scare off two children who come to the house trick or treating but fails to do so with his mask on but as soon as he removes his mask, the children get scared and run away screaming. Muscle Man then enters the house and tells the park workers that there will be no more trick or treaters. Benson then asks fellow park workers what they want to do. Muscle Man suggests telling scary stories. Mordecai says that they do that every year and then Rigby suggests that they should do something really scary. After a couple guesses Skips: Rent a few genre films, Pops:

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Regular Show is an unfittingly-named cartoon created by Jay Gee Quintel. Unlike other kid-friendly shows on Cartoon Network, Regular Show is unique for its stoner-oriented humor and has received a surprisingly large amount of praise from adults. Rigby’s girlfriend is Eileen. Benson Edit. Believe me: You don’t WANT to eat gumballs from.

Season 1 The Power: Steals a keyboard from a wizard and inadvertently sends Skips to the moon. Just Set Up the Chairs: Plugged in The Destroyer of Worlds game, so that he could play the game, even though Skips put a note forbidding anyone from playing it. Wanted to get vengeance on everyone who beat him by punchies all the time.

Steals a grilled cheese sandwich from Benson and lied to Mordecai about buying it. The Unicorns Have Got to Go: Brought in a gang of unicorns, which caused mass destruction in the House.

Regular Show – Episode Guide

In recent episodes, however, Rigby has hinted that he might like Eileen back. As of now, they share a very close relationship and they deeply respect each other. In the episode “Skunked”, after he angrily grabbed her by the shoulders, held her in the air and shouted at her for laughing at his ‘life’ against his will, he was mortified at what he did and personally apologized to her, and ran off to find the Were-Skunk as the last straw. Rigby constantly tries to avoid Eileen, but tends to not succeed in his efforts to keep away from her.

2 B’s 1 C 1 A Rigby!! Naw, he is the cutest raccoon ever! I chose ‘A child by heart’ and ‘funny’ to get Rigby:D.

We had the whole house on the front of the street and there was a lady up the top of the yard whom I called Granny White. She used to assemble the door locks for Rolls Royce. Also in Barker Street lived a family called Giblin. As far as I remember the Mum was Jean and there was a daughter whom everyone called Lolly. Aunty Jean and her family moved out in the redevelopment era to St.

My dad was a very bad cripple and I had poor eyesight. I remember being so proud of being able to get some messages for my Mum and Dad from Ricketts. I also remember going down Nelson Street with a basin to fetch tripe and onions and also remember the fruit and veg shop down there. He had nine brothers and sisters and his Dad my Grand-Dad was a blacksmith. She came out of Northwood Street I believe and had five brothers and sisters.

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Composition[ edit ] Paul McCartney came up with the melody of “Eleanor Rigby” as he experimented with his piano. However, the original name of the protagonist that he chose was not Eleanor Rigby, but Miss Daisy Hawkins. I was sitting at the piano when I thought of it. The first few bars just came to me, and I got this name in my head I don’t know why.

After losing rock, paper, scissors to Mordecai, Rigby must go on a date with Eileen. (Mordecai and Rigby are sitting at their usual table at The Coffee Shop.).

Photographs courtesy of Mrs. Girling-Allen I’ve just spotted myself on one of your new Osler Street school class photos! I’m front row, third in from the right, Lynn Hazel Crabtree, aged 5yrs. My family ran the corner shop known as Adey’s because my Nan’s name was Adelaide at 61 Clark Street, directly opposite The Follett Osler school entrance I have attached a couple of photographs. The first is a standard five class photo taken circa and Maud Mary Forge my aunt is the girl on the extreme left on the front row at the tender age of 9 or 10 years.

The second is of the Osler Street School football team of and my father William James Forge is a 14 year old right half back and is standing second from the right of the photo. I have two sons and two grandchildren, oh! Does anyone remember me, on looking on the site I have seen a class photo and on the front row is my sister Eileen who is now deceased.

I can remember the Maths teacher Mrs. Of the other girls appearing in the picture she remembers: Centre at the rear, in front of the girl with trident. Far left, front row Ivy Hardy: Far right, second row. Far right front row Christine Collins:

Episodes Regular Show

This is the transcript of Tino’s Adventures of Regular Show: Diary in Tino’s Adventures of Regular Show. Margaret’s Apartment, exterior, day.

Mordecai and the Rigbys are back together for an epic battle of the bands! Mordecai gets roped into baby-sitting Death’s kid, Rigby gets called out on being a big ol’ liar, and we finally learn the true story behind Skips’ immortality! Just a bunch of regular stuff, you .

Share Episode starts in The Coffee Shop on a snowy day. Mordecai and Rigby are singing a Christmas rap, beat-boxing Mordecai: Wrap up the presents throw em under the tree, drink up the egg nog have one, two, or three Rigby: Christmas time is near spreadin holiday cheer, yo Eileen get that fruitcake outta here! Fruitcake is the best part of the holidays. When a fruitcake comes out knocking, you just stuff that in your stockin Well, more for me.


This man is beloved, and rules another’s soul. A bystander turns to another and says, “What does she see in him? Ugly Guy, Hot Wife may inspire it. In Single Woman Seeks Good Man , likely to be said by less mature characters than the woman; in All Girls Want Bad Boys , the characters who say it are prone to have a better view than the girl, who is prone to dismiss it with You’re Just Jealous.

When one of the couple wonders “What do you see in me?

Guitar of Rock: Mordecai and Rigby have to help Benson replace an electric guitar signed by a rock star, or Benson’s fired. / Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys: Mordecai and Rigby want to win an air conditioner in a battle of the s: 4.

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He was unable to get to back to shore disappeared under the water just as lifeguards had changed their flags from green to yellow to indicate a storm was coming. Mr Knight was pulled from the sea, but was discovered to have suffered brain damage from being underwater. The year-old died in a Spanish hospital three weeks later. Read the full story HERE. Two lanes have closed and there are reports of stop-start traffic, with delays of up to an hour and a half.

A statement from Highways England said: There is also a fuel spillage which needs cleaning up. She said the retreat named Lee Rigby House will offer support for families, because of the lack of help on offer from the Ministry of Defence. Read the full report HERE.

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The low stop and look back at the car Scabbatha: Trash, Scabbatha, what the hell do? Leave us in peace boobies! Now we have fun with our new boyfriends.

Rigby’s eyes were wide and glazed, waiting for someone to press play, preferably after changing the tape to something sane. This made Eileen feel much better. She allowed herself a moment of optimism: the five days of silence were just down to nerves.

The Top Ten 1 Margret It’s not that I hate Margaret completely, but the fact that everyone immediately starts acting awkward whenever Margaret is mentioned or seen around Mordecai gets really annoying. Especially that one episode where Mordecai kissed Margaret again. I know there were still a few problems, but man, way to drag it on. This is still just my opinion. I hate this character. She also made me hate Mordecai.

Rigby And Eileen Sex

Mordecai and Benson here humans take acid and evolve into their fursonas. A black hole comes out because Mordecai and Rigby tied times at paper, scissor, rock. Rigby steals a magic keyboard that enables the duo to do anything they want and because something like that has no use whatsoever, Skips destroys it. Just Set Up the Chairs: Mordecai and Rigby make a deal with an Asian coffee bean to make money to buy concert tickets.

Rigby learns to punch sonic waves because he doesn’t want to be player 2 in a video game.

In “Dumped at the Altar”, Rigby tells Mordecai that he and Eileen have been dating for three months. In “Rigby’s Graduation Day Special”, Eileen finally graduates from college at the same time Rigby finally gets his high school diploma.

Time and again we’ve seen the hero end up with the “original” love interest, despite separation or other relationships. We saw this with Ross and Rachel in “Friends,” we saw this with J. The former sounds cynical, the latter sappy. I very much like “Regular Show,” and have been impressed with the way it departs from well-trodden paths of TV writing in terms of character development. As such, I think that should Mordecai and Margaret find each other again, it will be because they changed as people and were finally ready to be together for real.

Mordecai and Margaret started awkwardly with Mordecai pining away for Margaret but too scared to make a move, and Margaret showing obvious interest but either spoken for, or When they finally got together, it was tragically mistimed and didn’t last. But in the meantime, they did some growing up. Margaret went to school and branched out from being a “daddy’s girl” and a waitress at a coffee shop.

Regular Show

Entering the Final 10! Top 20 Countdown Continues! This episode of course is a follow up to not one, but two episodes in the series for Okay, mostly one because we know that Muscle Man and Starla got the money for their wedding when winning the game show.

Eileen has a crush on Rigby, as revealed in “Do Me a Solid”. In recent episodes, however, Rigby has hinted that he might like Eileen back. As of now, they share a very close relationship and they deeply respect each s: 2.

Captain Smith keeps telling them that they should work, but they ignore him as usual. Rigby into the hole to look for some anti-boredom devices, and ends up finding a pot of pot. He decides to hog it all to himself and begins inhaling it. He immediately gets high and imagines himself being in Disneyland due to the high amount of talking animals, much to his anger. A few days later, Mordecai goes into the basement, discovering the leftover pot next to Rigby’s bloody corpse.

Mordecai then gets high on it.

Rigby and Eileen are in heaven