Blog For those of you who do not know, lobola is a dowry or bride price that is given to the bride’s family by the groom’s. The word encompasses a marriage custom that has been practised in Africa for generations and has evolved as society has changed. I attended a relative’s lobola ceremony where we represented the bride’s side of the family. It was only the second time I had been a part of one and it was both a pleasant and an unpleasant experience. It made me think. I want to raise some issues that the custom brings up and I welcome your comments. Every custom and traditional practice serves a purpose for that particular group of people who observe it. Or at least it is supposed to. Traditionally, lobola has been one of the ceremonies that forms a part of the process of solemnising a marriage as well as bringing the two families together. From beginning to end, there are steps that must be followed and ways of doing things that are very specific.

Zimbabwe’s Escalating Cash Crisis

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An ox-wagon or bullock wagon is a four-wheeled vehicle pulled by oxen (draught cattle). It was a traditional form of transport, especially in Southern Africa but also in New Zealand and Australia.

Ex-NetOne boss off the hook Published: Kangai’s defence team led by Mr Nyasha Munetsi had previously placed the State on notice that they would be making an application for refusal of further remand if it failed to issue them with a trial date on their next remand date, which was yesterday. The State had said that they were still waiting for a crucial witness referred to as Marufu who was in South Africa and, therefore, they could not furnish him with a trial date.

Mr Munetsi argued that Marufu was Kangai’s neighbour. He argued that Marufu was also a witness in former Minister Supa Mandiwanzira’s case and he had already appeared in court, therefore, he was just being reluctant to provide a witness statement. Presiding magistrate Mr Elisha Singano ruled that the matter should proceed by way of summons until the State gets their house in order.

Allegations are that sometime in October , Kangai unlawfully and corruptly sanctioned payment of rentals in advance for four base stations without authorisation and approval from the board of directors. It is alleged that house No. The court heard that NetOne has no provision for advance rental payments and the lease agreements entered between the company and base station landlords had no provision for such.

Mugabe’s Presidential Chapter In Zimbabwe’s History Appears To Be Over

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Design[ edit ] Ox-wagons are typically drawn by teams of oxen, harnessed in pairs. The wagon itself is made of various kinds of wood, with the rims of the wheels being covered with tyres of iron, and since the middle of the 19th century the axles have also been made of iron. The back wheels are usually substantially larger than the front ones and rigidly connected to the tray of the vehicle.

The front wheels are usually greater in diameter than the clearance under the tray of the vehicle so that the steering axle could not turn far under the tray. This makes little difference to the turning circle of the wagon because of the oxen drawing it see above and it makes the front of the wagon much more stable because the track is never much less than the width of the tray.

It also allowed a much more robust connection between the hauling traces of the oxen and the rear axle of the wagon usually iron chain or rods that is necessary for heavy haulage. Most of the load-carrying area was covered in canvas supported by wooden arches; the driver sat in the open on a wooden chest Afrikaans: Australia[ edit ] A bullock team and wagon in Wilson’s Promontory , Bullock wagons were important in the colonial history of Australia.

They carved the roads and built the rail; their tractive power made populating the interior possible; their contributions to the harvesting of timber opened the bush; they offered a start in life to the enterprising youngster”. Bullocks were preferred by many explorers and teamsters because they were cheaper, quieter, tougher and more easily maintained than horses therefore making them more popular for draught work.

The four-wheeled dray or box wagon came into use after about for loads of 6 to 8 tons and was drawn by 16 to 18 bullocks. A bullock team was led by a pair of well trained leaders who responded to verbal commands as they did not have reins or a bridle.

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I’m a passionate surfer that wanted an artful way to hang my boards in my design studio. In slightly less than short: I began surfing about 10 years ago. The lakes only fire up from around September until March with cold winter winds. We have a lot of downtime in the summer months which is really how this all came to be.

Teenage Hookers Pack Harare Bars. Rss Feed. By: IWPR – Institute for War & Peace. Six months ago, year-old Chipo Munyeza boarded a bus to go from her rural home in Masvingo south-eastern Zimbabwe to Zimbabwe’s bustling capital, Harare. in an attempt to attract men, who come from far and wide to pick up girls from this bustling bar.

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Zimbabwe – Housing

Advertise Medicare pays for dialysis regardless of patient age, reimbursing the same amount for at-home or dialysis center care. There are two types of dialysis: Several times a day, patients pour a sugar-based cleansing solution into a tube surgically implanted into their abdomen, and later drain out the waste-filled solution.

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By Larry Pina The hand pump and electric pump share the same well casing. I remembered then that when I was a youngster one of our neighbors had attached a working hand pump to his electric well pump. I made up my mind — then and there — to at least investigate the possibility. It’s fortunate that I did, too, because putting a hand pump on our well turned out to be an easy task even for an amateur do-it-yourselfer like me!

And if you’re looking for a low-cost, nonelectric backup design for a “juice powered” pumping system, my solution just might do the job for you! Low-Cost Pumping Parts As shown in the accompanying diagram, our hand pump and its related components are totally separate from the electric unit. The two pumps merely share the same well casing in this instance, a 6″-diameter pipe that extends feet into the ground.

In addition, because the water table is only about 13 feet below the top of our well casing, we were able to choose a simple, shallow-drawn hand pump for our purposes rather than having to buy a more expensive, deep-reaching machine. To calculate the height of the water table, I just lowered a string that had a small piece of wood tied to the end of it into the well casing until the wood floated and the string went slack, and then I marked and measured the string.

And though I opted to build a small wooden pump house out of scrap lumber to mount the water hauler on, you could simply attach the pump to a picnic table or even directly onto the well cap itself. Continue Reading Hand Pump Payoff We’ve had our hand pump setup almost three years now, and it’s proved to be a huge success.

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And if you want to catch bass, head straight for Off the Hook, in downtown Harare. Bruce had just returned from coaching bass competitive ly in the US of A! So, yes, the obsession is serious. Taking turns to always be in the shop and ready to advise on anything and all things bass and all. The shop and the team are well versed in the fishing that Zimbabwe had to offer.

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MMPZ calls on the police to urgently investigate this case and bring to justice the source of these cowardly and illegal threats to silence an important alternative source of news and in so doing restore a measure of confidence in their impartial application of the law. As a result, their involvement in the elections will undoubtedly give the ruling party a grossly unfair advantage over its MDC rival. Such behaviour aptly proves the extent to which ZANU PF has hijacked supposedly impartial government institutions to subvert the very core of the democratic process in order to retain their grip on power.

It is against this background that civic organizations continue to demand thorough constitutional reform, with properly constituted electoral laws guaranteeing the fair and independent management of elections. Without these checks on gross authoritarian abuse, the practice of democracy in Zimbabwe will remain an illusion. While the private media gave a full picture and informative analysis of the gravity of the crisis and its origins, which they blamed on bad governance, the government media generally let government off the hook by unquestioningly endorsing its fire fighting measures to arrest the deepening crisis.

No explanation was given as to why people in neighbouring countries would hoard a frail Zimbabwean currency.

Child prostitution in Zimbabwe soars